Triangular Matches

In 1935 the Board voted $50 for prizes for the Triangular Team Matches that initiated the annual competition between the three Seniors’ Associations from New Jersey, Westchester and Long Island and to become known as the Triangular Team Golf Championship. The purpose was to generate goodwill and fellowship, as well as competition between senior golfers in the metropolitan area. It was an instant success and the competition continues to this day.

Each team is composed of 12 players; the association champion, one from Class AAA and two from Classes AA through D. Officers and the Team Captain from each association attend the event as officials, but they are not involved in the competition. A Team Captain is appointed by each association to organize and managed their team’s participation as well as selecting the best courses when their team is host for the matches. Early results are hard to come by due to the loss of minutes and other historical records. Minutes of the NJ Seniors do document the fact that the inaugural event was held in 1935 even though the Long Island group did not formally organize until early in the 1950’s. There are documents existing covering early contests, particularly as they relate to New Jersey victories.

The minutes of April 1936 report that Alex P. Gray of Arcola Country Club was appointed “Captain of the team to play against Westchester and Long Island.” That September, Captain Gray reported that the New Jersey team won the Triangular competition, for the second consecutive year. He followed up in 1940 with a report that New Jersey lost to the, “New York Seniors, the first time in many years.”

The original tournament rules and regulations established are basically still in effect today. Competition is on the basis of Match Play with three points awarded for each match. A striking feature of the Triangular Championship Matches over the many years has been the caliber of the players, the intense competition and the quality of the golf courses that have been chosen for play.

Below is a partial listing of the history of the Triangular Team Matches, starting with the year 1964.


The 2024 Triangular Match will be hosted by the NJ Seniors Senior's Golf Association at Upper Montclair Country Club on October 9th.


Current Standings

Team Win Tie  Total
Long Island 19 2 21
New Jersey 18 3 21
Westchester 17 1 18


History of the Triangular Team Golf Championship

Year Winner Course
1964 New Jersey Knickerbocker CC
1965 Westchester Westchester CC
1966 Westchester Garden City GC
1967 Long Island Arcola CC
1968 New Jersey Winged Foot GC
1969 New Jersey Wheatley Hills GC
1970 New Jersey Hackensack GC
1971 New Jersey Apawamis Club
1972 Long Island Garden City GC
1973 Tie-New Jersey / Westchester Knickerbocker CC
1974 Long Island Knollwood CC
1975 Long Island Garden City GC
1976 New Jersey Arcola CC
1977 Long Island Knollwood CC
1978 Long Island Wheatley Hills GC
1979 Westchester Knickerbocker CC
1980 Westchester Scarsdale GC
1981 Long Island Sands Point GC
1982 Long Island Upper Montclair CC
1983 Long Island Tamarack CC
1984 Long Island Meadow Brook Club
1985 New Jersey Plainfield CC
1986 Long Island Quaker Ridge GC
1987 New Jersey Garden City GC
1988 Westchester Arcola CC
1989 Westchester Scarsdale GC
1990 Westchester Old Westbury G & CC
1991 Westchester Knickerbocker CC
1992 Rained Out Old Oaks CC
1993 Long Island Wheatley Hills GC
1994 New Jersey Ridgewood CC
1995 Rained Out Old Oaks CC
1996 Tie-Long Island / New Jersey Fresh Meadow CC
1997 Westchester Knickerbocker CC
1998 New Jersey Old Oaks CC
1999 Westchester Glen Head CC
2000 Westchester Upper Montclair CC
2001 New Jersey Fairview CC
2002 New Jersey Nassau CC
2003 New Jersey Spring Brook CC
2004 Long Island Blind Brook Club
2005 Westchester Wheatley Hills GC
2006 Long Island Arcola CC
2007 New Jersey Waccabuc CC
2008 Long Island Sands Point Club
2009 Rained Out Essex County CC
2010 Westchester Blind Brook Club
2011 Long Island Meadow Brook Club
2012 Long Island Somerset Hill CC
2013 Westchester Hudson National GC
2014 New Jersey Glen Head CC
2015 Westchester

Essex County CC


Tie Westchester / New Jersey

Westchester CC

2017 Westchester

Nassau CC

2018 New Jersey

Essex Fells CC

2019 Westchester Old Oaks CC
2020 Westchester Meadow Brook Club

 2021          New Jersey                                                                          Knickerbocker CC

 2022          Long Island                                                                          Siwanoy CC

 2023          New Jersey                                                                          Huntington CC